Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Putting Out FIres in DC - Report, from May 12 Event

Crystal City, DC
The first Startupalooza in DC was exhilarating and eye-opening. Beginning with the Fundable: Capital Workshop which grew so big it had to be moved to a larger room, this was a great turn-out.
The evening pitching event – with the opening presentation from the patent office about IP protection options and special pricing and the use of provisional patents was very helpful
The pitching was enlightening and revealed a broad swath of new ideas.
The winner was:
Mark   Baldino Owner mbaldino@baldinos.com     703-906-3154
This is a smoke detector that also puts out fires with a sprayed, powdered fire suppressant. Compact, cheap and non-destructive, this has the potential to show up in every home, promoted by stove companies and subsidized by insurance companies.
Mark Baldino of SupressionOne, is going to the Private Equity Forum at the Yale Club in NYC.

The Runners up were:
Gastro Girl
Jacquelin Gaulin gastrogirl.com
Affinity meeting, advice and referral site for millions of people with gastric issues.
Comments: The founder has experience in the health field and the possibility of a Big Pharma buy in would make all the difference. However, there is a proliferation of patient affinity sites over specific medical issues and there could be competition for sponsor dollars.
Alain  Briançon    CEO    alain.briancon@kitchology.com         301-972-5380
Kitchology is the first integrated platform for special diets, available through the web and mobile app to the 160 million Americans dealing with special diets. This automodifies recipes for their dietary needs and prepopulates shopping lists and make product recommendations. Extensive use of machine learning, filed six patents, developed a proprietary database, federated 250 food allergy bloggers. Brands pay Kitchology for promotion, referrals and license to analytics. 200,000 monthly users, in discussions with major brands.      
Comments: Strong idea and presentation but business model relies on food company buy-in.
ErgonometriX, LLC
Marc   Cohen  CTO & Co-Founder   marc@ergonometrix.com       301-509-7394
ErgonometriX prevents Lower Back Injuries through the use of technology: a wearable device with the motion of the employee is captured and analyzed in the cloud and medically supervised.
Comments: Intriguing but some considerations of competitive products and then large scale customer acquisition.
Mehdi  Roein-Peikar   Co-Founder    rp.mehdi@gmail.com 312-479-1449
Mechanodontics is making a new type of braces which will reduce treatment time significantly, be behind the teeth for aesthetic purposes, and be fully customized through a computer automated process.
Comments: This is a great idea by two young practitioners. However, they lack a good industry adoption plan since they are likely to meet resistance by orthodontists.
Special Mentions for:
DC Gun Range – this one-of-a-kind deal got enthusiastic response from the judges, but can’t scale to other cities
Duck Cancer - helping make the lives of cancer patients better is a great idea and a large market. Although the idea was not fully formed, the judges liked the passion and commitment of the engineer presenting it.

Report from May Philadelphia, May 11

Philadelphia, May 11
As advertised, Startupalooza is truly a pitching network of Angel networks.
Accordingly, the winner was Pinch, a startup that travelled down from Boston and won with their idea for a marketplace of services based on peoples’ unique passions and avocations. This taskrabbit-type service allows people seeking unique experiences to find and hire the providers of these unusual, hard-to-find skills.
This is a new idea with a profit model and followers. It has some questions about its viability but the presentation was filled with enthusiasm and a sense of discovering a new marketplace.
Congratulations to Aakash Goklani of Pinch, who will be going to the Private Equity Forum at the Yale Club in NYC.
The Runner up was Habitat, a food delivery service for campus’ by Andrew Nakkashe. While this business is mildly profitable and seems to be well executed, the startup founded by students is still shadowed but the student-startup syndrome: ideas common in colleges do not necessarily travel to the real world where there is no shortage of competitors. Nevertheless, the founder impressed the judges with his crisp presentation and determined composure.

Monday, May 9, 2016

How Startupalooza Helps Entrepreneurs Raise Millions

In the past year, Startupalooza has helped several companies (HigherMe, Nomi, SeedCX, EventCombo etc.) collectively raise well over $1 Million.

How? One is that we give more Entrepreneurs more access to more investors than any other event - for arguably the lowest possible fee.

Another, even more important reason - is that we monitor the feedback from Investors. We can tell you what they really think and more importantly, what to fix so that you can become Fundable.
A great example is Nomi Beauty (formerly Gloss & Glam) which offered a virtual hairdresser service that spared hotels the expense of setting up and maintaining an in-house hair salon.

What we quickly found was that Investors weren't that interested in helping out hotels. What excited them was that women execs would be highly interested in hair services in the convenience of their rooms which they could also put on their hotel bill making it easy to expense.

That brings up the 3rd reason: the Investor was from out of town. The beauty of the multi-city Startupalooza model is that we have networks of Investors throughout the northeast corridor. The Investor in Nomi was not from New York but in our network from the MidAtlantic region.

So we not only work locally, but we circulate deals throughout the Boston-NewYork-Philadelphia-DC corridor, where everyone dramatically increases their chances of finding the right Investor - and Investors, the right deal.


Startupalooza returns to Philadelphia at Benjamin's Desk Wednesday, May 11, 6 - 9 pm. [Register]

Opening in DC Thursday, May 12th with Fundable Workshop followed by open pitching. [Register]

Startupalooza New York at Microsoft Fifth Ave., May 23, 6 - 9 pm. [Register]

Opening in Stamford, CT at Shippan Landing waterfront, May 24, 4 - 9 pm. [Register]

The Future is Here: Fiverr Helps Discover Young Innovators

Engineering Solutions for Social Good

Just when you despair of America's technology prowess, you find out what the next generation of youth are capable of inventing.

Just as exciting is the fact that this award program was supported by our lead sponsor, Fiverr.

The Dream it. Code it. Win it. program in May, introduced student's ideas that could have an impact on the marketplace today.

Aside from a 3D printed prosthetic hand, visual programming solutions and so on, we loved the stick-on circuit board product. Instead of a "bread board", you can actually build circuits with sensors and so on just by sticking them on a sheet of paper and then illustrating the system flow. This is an amazing bridge between DIY programming, hardware building, prototyping, hobbyist projects and education.

Just as illuminating are the young multicultural teams creating these ideas.

It is not hard to see that tech creativity is alive and well. More than that is the realization that motivated kids with an idea are a fantastic educational paradigm that will fundamentally change how kids are taught: why bore them with the rules of calculus when you can set them a challenge that makes them want to learn and use it?

Hats off to Fiverr, MIT Enterprise Forum, The Internet Society and Cooper Union.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 19: Pitch 40+ Angel Week's Startupalooza + Party Like It's 1929

Pitch 40+ at Angel Week’s Super Startupalooza

A Week of Startup & Investor Events from Super Startupalooza

• Fintech • Inventors • Cannabis • Healthcare • Moonshine Party

How to raise Millions! Pitch at Super Startupalooza at Angel Week. The big day is April 19 - SuperStartupalooza + Gathering of Angels Awards + MedMo Healthcare Startups. [REGISTER]
This is the one event where Startups like Gloss and Glam raised a quarter of a million dollars! The top 8 Startups at Angel Week also win prizes worth $22,000!


Plus we have a slew of events like:

Party Like You’ve 

Never Partied Before – 

Prohibition Style!

April 16: Moonshine Over Manhattan – 

A prohibition era style party with about distillery startups that includes hot swing jazz and burlesque. 

Our Moonshiners even made it to the front page of the Sunday New York Times and now were selling out like crazy!


You can sign up for individual events - or all of them

Fintech (15th)

SuperStartupalooza, Angel Awards and Healthcare (19th)

We also have events - and a house party on Sat. 16th

Cannabis Investing (18th)

Moonshine Over Manhattan (16th) fun Tasting Party & meeting with distillery Startups (Prohibition dress up optional).


The prime pitching day is Tues. 19th SuperStartupalooza and Healthcare MedMo Startups with Angel Week VCs.

What You Can Win Last year's winner, Gloss & Glam got over $200,000 in funding offers and $4,500 in prizes. This year we have more funders and $22,000 prizes! REGISTER HERE


(You can sign up for any or all of the these events)

April 15: FinTECH (Rise NY) •  FoodTECH (Brooklyn)

April 16: Moonshine Over Manhattan (Startup Party at The Delancey 2:30 - 6pm)

April 18: Cannabis Investing (6:30 - 9pm) Impact Hub NYC

April 19: SuperStartupalooza + Gathering of Angels (Microsoft Times Square 12:00 - 6:00 pm)

April 19: Healthcare Startups
(Microsoft Times Square 12:00 - 6:00 pm)

Just added!

April 21: Pitch Westchester Angels, with VCs, Microsoft and more.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Invite to my April 21st Session on Fundability at the LI Business Expo

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How I got the Bowie Benefit Concert streamed Worldwide.

Cute story - I was at an Investment conference where I ran into people from ammado.com, a charity payments co. from Europe. They were hoping to stream the Bowie Benefit concert but just couldn't connect with the organizer.

It just so happened that I had once helped him when he was raising money for his new club, so......things happened!

Backstage at Radio City Music Hall
It's the iBreakfast/Startupalooza way!

Performers included:
Michael Stipe
Mumford & Sons
The Pixies
The Flaming Lips
J Mascis
Rickie Lee Jones
Esperanza Spalding
Amanda Palmer and Anna Calvi with Kronos Quartet
Ann Wilson Of Heart
The Polyphonic Spree, Perry Farrell, Jakob Dylan, Holy Holy
Choir, Choir
Ron Pope and Jherek Bischoff as well as the Donny McCaslin Group, who will joined by guests Mark Guiliana, Jason Lindner and Bowie producer Tony Visconti.