Thursday, December 8, 2011

Disrupting Medicine: Report from mHealthcon I at Rutgers

mHealthcon opened to a full house at Rutgers, NJ. We are providing a full report below with numerous published articles about the conference - including a week-long series in NJ Tech.
With close to 300 delegates assembled at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry, this event saw the confluence of medical and pharma stakeholders, seasoned digital entrepreneurs and savvy early stage investors.
MHealthcon sprang from the ongoing mass adoption of powerful mobile devices - phones and tablets backed by global connectedness and the "data cloud". With health reform driving the digitization of patient records as providers and payers demand improved outcomes and cost efficiencies, there is a surge of innovation in medicine. Seasoned entrepreneurs and investors are exploring new channels to collect and distribute medical information, manage patient care and streamline payments.

Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the mHealth Alliance Partnership laid out the roadmap of adoption, proliferation and global opportunity.

The event attracted delegates throughout the U.S. and Canada and from as far away as Germany and Israel.

Tel Aviv's Dr. Rami Cohen won the Start-Up Award with TeleSofia, a personalized doctor-to-patient instruction video platform. His runners up were Atlanta's Dr. Nicholas' DocPons and one of the most seasoned start-ups we have seen, Sandford Roth's Medsonics.

Successful entrepreneurs like Anand Iyer from companies like WellDocs, Dr. Gopal K. Chopra from pingmd and Serge Loncar from CareSpeak discussed the adoption and growth process - with some surprising conclusions. Sonny Vu, the founder of Agamatrix gave a spellbound presentation of the growth of his Diabetes product from his college dorm room to a multimillion dollar sale.

David Shrier of Ernst & Young surprised the audience with the revelation that his company had consulted for Google from the time they were just "5 people in a garage" and were similarly interested in dealing such early stage companies today.

A significant number of dotcom entrepreneurs made the trip from New York's Silicon Alley to attend the conference - including such execs and the confounder of that went public at $1.5 million in just 3 years.

As one investor and MD, Brad Weinberg said: "
Great event. Engaging people and intimate enough to really meet people."

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