Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Barbara Corcoran Gets Into Crowdfunding - News from our Podcast Series "The Entrepreneur Show"

Crowdfunding - Can You Raise a Million Online?

Just as we began our new biweekly podcast: The Entrepreneur Show with a group of Equity Crowdfunding companies, we got the news: "Shark Tank" regular and real estate mogul, Barbara Corcoran is joining the board of one of our panelists' company, Rock The Post.

So kick back and listen up to what's happening in the crowdfunding space and how that could change marketing - and not just capital-raising - everywhere.

You will meet Alejandro Cremades (Rock the Post), Jeremy Andrews (Smart Money Entrepreneurs), Alex Fair (Medstartr), David Post (Benamin Bakery) and Serena Walker (Athena Business Institute).

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