Thursday, May 23, 2013

Visual Daily: The One Graphic that Explains Apple's Tax Blarney

How Exactly Does Apple Avoid Taxes?
[Announcing: OSX Mountain Blarney - Source Code Algorithm]

1. Create Fake Company - Apple Operations International (AOS) - in Ireland where corporate taxes <2 b="" nbsp="">and "sell" U.S. Apple's Intellectual Property to AOS. 

2. AOS charges Apple US massive licensing fees for most Apple products sold.

3. Manage "Irish" AOS Company out of Nevada as Braeburn (Apple) Management (seriously!)

4. [Money actually stored in NY branch of Irish bank.]

5. Circulate overseas sales revenue to another fake Irish company - Apple Sales International (ASI)

6. Pay no taxes on $74 billion

Note: Also explains the disappearance of rainbow from original Apple logo.

Coming next: Global Tax Avoidance Strategy for Today's Knowledge Worker 

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