Friday, February 15, 2013

Marco Rubio’s Water Dive - Body Language as Storytelling

When Marco Rubio made his famous furtive dive for water, mid-speech during in the State of the Union rebuttal, he ignited more comment than the speech itself.

To Republicans, this was just a guy in need of a glass of water.

To everyone else, this was a stunning moment of body language telling a story. It is not that he needed water – that’s human enough. Or that he had to go mid-sentence to grab a gulp. 

It was the furtive way he did it.

It looked as if he thought that somehow, millions of people watching him wouldn’t notice if he left midsentence to dive for the water.
So was he inexperienced before the camera or was this him telling you that he believed he could hide his true nature in plain site?

At the very least, politicians are supposed to know how to hide their real dealings. What happens if a politician thinks he can somehow turn invisible?

His Democratic rivals are probably thinking, “Imagine what does when no one is looking.”

Or are we reading too much into this body drama?

Imagine if this were an funding pitch instead of a State of the Union rebuttal. 

Would that have turned off investors?

If he had an incredibly compelling pitch it might not have mattered….. anything less would have turned off investors.

So what his rebuttal about, anyway?
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