Monday, September 24, 2007

REPORT FROM WEB 2.0 NY - Madison Ave. 2.0

REPORT FROM WEB 2.0 NY - Madison Ave. 2.0
Web 2.0 NY Makes a Business Case for Media Executives.

Whatever Web 2.0 has meant to hundreds of start-ups, its business applications made an impression on 350 Media, Investment, Advertising & Digital Executives on Thursday, June 14 in conjunction with the Fordham School of Education at the Web 2.0 & Madison Ave. 2.0 Summit.

While many of the ideas have filtered up from students and youth generation, the key issues are likely to change the way media and advertising is conceived and delivered, how companies present themselves to their customers and even how they organize themselves internally.

Citing the rise of the "personal brand" both keynoters, Esther Dyson and MySpace¹s Shawn Gold talked about a generation¹s interest in evolving and promoting their personal brand and how that has become both a development platform but also a new advertising paradigm where brands may reach out in trusted way through consumer-to-consumer advertising. Both Adidas and in a negative way, Dell were cited as examples of how this works as part of MySpace¹s 8 rules of consumer-to-consumer marketing.

On the Madison Ave. 2.0 side, a series of companies ranging from Live Technology to Spot Runner, Spotzer and Visible World talked about local delivery of national brands, a micro-focusing of brand messages by demographics, locality and even the weather and news conditions. In addition, just-in-time and highly targeted delivery of over 30 kinds of media in auction, spot and electronic delivery fashion were all discussed.

The key idea in Web 2.0 is collaboration and models of how ideas and power is distributed will be affected in numerous ways. MySpace thinks of this as relationship management, Motionbox sees a world of many electronic video capture devices and Social Network pioneer, Andrew Weinreich of sees it going mobile.

In our Start-Up forum many new companies with web 2.0 ideas debuted before a panel of angel Investors under David Rose of NY Angels, Allan Grafman of All Media Ventures and Paul Goodman or Cyruli Shanks. The winner was, a broadcast-quality video and stock media exchange. Special mentions went to Collector¹, CollegeWikis and, a webcam portal. (Video highlights to come)