Monday, December 23, 2013

Winners at the December Startupalooza

We really appreciate everyone who came out in that challenging weather.

The winner was iSpeech with its exciting new talking "Stickers" product
The runners up were:

Nonnatech, an intelligent remote monitoring environment for eldercare.

Evospend, a "white label" debit card service for small retailers.

Cream, a fashion retailing marketplace that monetizes fashion bloggers.

As we saw, the entrepreneur community is alive with ideas - as we expand, we are opening this up to new kinds of deals and out of town Start-ups.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!

Judge taking a pitch

Winners iSpeech talking to judge

"Voice" singer Cameron Novack performs for judges

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winners from the November Startupalooza

November was one of the biggest Startupalooza's of the year with over 40 presenting companies.

Streamed-In Presenters

Winner: SaveOn
Congratulations to the winner, SaveOn - the Kayak-like supermarket price and sales aggregator

They will be participating at the Private Equity Forum on January at the Yale Club - a $1500 value.

The first runners up were:
Patients Create The patient-centric crowdsourcing platform for healthcare development.
Dashbid - The software and service to help publishers increase video ad revenue yields.

Streamed-In Presenters

The Second Runners Up were:

Ledger - the prepaid corporate card company.

HandsFree -  Quikiks Hands-Free Shoes allow people with physical or cognitive challenges to step easily into and
fasten their shoes without hands.

Simbiot - Cloud-enabled platform for research and collaboration for science researchers to handle Next Generation
Sequencing and other genomic data.

KidKlass - "Open Table" for scheduling children's classes. 

Ca7h - Wearable connected camera that combines beauty, the power of smartphones and the internet. 

BeautyStat - The cosmetics deal site.

We will be releasing the composite Judges' rankings so entrepreneurs can see how the investor community ranks 

your startup.
While we run this as a contest, we understand this is often about comparing apples to oranges - nevertheless, it is 
an invaluable guide. 

For that reason there are many winners - each with their own funding possibilities.
Back In December 9 (Virtual)  & 16 (Live!)
We will be back on December 17th with a Year-end Startupalooza.
We will be doing a Virtual Startupalooza pitch event n Dec. 9 that you can sign up for here.

Anyone signing up for the virtual event goes to the live event free!


Alan Brody and the Startupalooza Team