Friday, June 24, 2011

What happened at TV GOES SOCIAL

Dear Executive,

Thank you for joining us yesterday at TV GOES SOCIAL.

We think you’ll agree that our speakers packed a lot of eye-opening ideas into a compact day.

You can watch and share the Conference from our channel on Ustream.

Part 1 Hardware &  Software Panels

Part 2 Facebook & USA/ABC Keynote Panel

[We will also be posting highlights and a full report shortly to improve the conversation-sharing.]

Some of the key ideas that emerged were:

* The importance of recommendations (Facebook’s Andy Mitchell and “TV With Friends”)
* Brand Ambassadors (USA Networks, Jesse Redniss),
* Taking the content to the expanding array of platforms (ABC News’ Isaac Josephson)
* Incorporating Wi-Fi and Apps like Facebook into the TV box and opening up the API (Samsung’s Eric Anderson)
* Social Media check-ins and TV Community building options (Get Glue, Social Guide, theChanner, PHILO, TunerFish)
* Ad synchronization models and campaigns from SecondScreen TV and Social Bomb
* Mass video interaction from Watchitoo
* Explosion of Pads as the key second screen device and the harmonization of lean-forward, lean-back experiences.

Other interesting but lightly covered topics were education, telepresence and the exploding Social TV Start-Up ecosystem now welcomed – rather than resisted – by key broadcast and cable networks as well as Social Media platforms like Facebook.

This was a well tweeted and commented event that you can follow on Twitter at #TVGOESSOCIAL and #SOCIALTV

We think this is step one in giant Media Convergence industry that will profoundly affect the communications method, content, style and influence dynamics in advertising, marketing, politics and learning. We are honored to be part of the beginning of this movement and will be back later this year with larger conferences in NY and L.A. We will also introduce investor-oriented meetings on a regular basis to support the Entrepreneurial ecosystem as part of our iBreakfast/iEvening monthly meetings.

Thank you for joining us and stay tuned – and connected.


Alan Brody & the TV GOES SOCIAL Team