Monday, February 27, 2012

TV GOES SOCIAL Report: Riding an ADD Medium?

TV GOES SOCIAL – The Take Home Report
From the TV GOES SOCIAL + 2nd Screen Summit at the Loews Santa Monica Feb. 22

The real issue of Social TV is managing an ADD environment. With as much as 60% of the TV audience holding a second screen in front of them, the issue is: can you make the two or more screens work together or are you simply providing the opportunity for distraction?

The conversation has moved from paralleling Tweets and Facebook fanposts to managing the relationships between multiple screens. This has implications for content, advertising and technology opportunities. One key word is Transmediea – storytelling that lives in a symbiotic relationship across 2 or more media.

Social TV Networking

This matters because content has to be aware of the multiple environments in needs to live in – including mobile – where it may derive its audience and ideas. Ads have to live in the same environment which offers both challenges and amazing opportunities.

Since the second screen issue thrives on the quality of its relationship with the first screen, metadata and a variety of cross-communication technologies are major issues that have stakeholders - especially cable companies – deeply concerned.

Prediction: look out for Apple TV to be a game changer with a slew of competitors hoping to upstage them prior to 2103.

Monday, February 13, 2012


122 attendees and 43 startups filled the NJIT Campus Center Atrium on February 9th for STARTUPALOOZA NJ hosted by The Enterprise Development Center at NJIT. With two minute pitches for innovations ranging from robots to electronic health record solutions, the disruptive power residing in NJ’s digital and healthcare community was once again proven. 6 finalists presented Digital finalists: Qrious, Allweb Technologies and My Venue Menu. Healthcare finalists: Vyzin, Epion Health and Assistive Innovations In presentations moderated by iBreakfast’s Alan Brody, they presented to investors including Kamran Hasmi, Heather Gilchrist, Zev Scherl (with protege Sam Scherl), Rick Pinto, Glenn Fratangelo and John Ason.

Congrats to the winners: Digital startup Qrious and healthcare firm Epion Health! Our thanks go to all attendees, exhibitors and investors as well as to Judith Sheft, Jerry Creighton and the hardworking staff of NJIT. Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming events and check out video coverage of three companies from yesterday’s StartupaloozaNJ that appears today in MedCity News  and click below for video coverage from our media sponsor NJorg


Social Media Weekend: Conference Overview

In our effort to keep you abreast of the most important conferences we bring you this report from our newest correspondent who is no other daughter Danielle, a college sophomore and managing editor of the University of Delaware newspaper.

Here's what she learned from top people in the industry:

Facebook is a new tool for journalists, job hunting tips, blogging and how to use Twitter and LinkedIn the right way.

Top takeaways:
* Keep twitter professional, it’s business
* Show a specific focus in person and on Twitter & blogs
* Social media can be overwhelming, test new sites to see how they work for you before fully committing
* Spend time on blog posts and tweets, check grammar, use tags, links and pictures
* Keep your audience in mind when you’re active in social media, don’t bore them
* Showing your interests on social media gives you character, blogs don’t have to relate to your career.

Read here for additional coverage.