Monday, September 9, 2019

Mugabe Had The Best Job! Why Dictating is Good for Happiness and Longevity

Mugabe's passing reminds us that the best job of the last century - as defined by pay and longevity - was Dictator.

The only concern was avoiding assassination or losing a disastrous war.

To wit:
Robert Mugabe died age 94 - after 37 years in office (Zimbabwe)
Fidel Castro died age 90 - after 49 years in office (Cuba)
Mao Zedong died age 83 - after 27 years in office (China)
Josip Broz Tito died age 88 - after 45 years in office (Yugoslavia)
Joseph Stalin died age 75 - after 37 years in office (USSR)
Mobutu Sese Seko died age 67 - after 32 years in office (Zaire)

Even those who ended badly still had magnificent runs and left the game billionaires:

Muammar Al Gathafi died age 69 - after 42 years in office (Libya)
Saddam Hussein died age 69 - after 24 years in office (Iraq)
Hosni Mubarak died age 91 - after 30 years in office (Egypt)
Adolf Hitler died age 56 - after 12 years in office (Germany)
Mussolini died age 62 - after 21 years in office (Italy)
Nicolae Ceaușescu died age 83 - after 27 years in office (Romania)

As of now, Vladimir Putin is still in training at age 66 with just 19 years on the job. (Russia)

There is something about playing god and really getting back at your critics that is just so darn good for your health.

If only there were a pharmacological alternative.