Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Treasure in Truckloading: Winners from our June Startup Event

Here are the full results from the June Event:

Winner: MyLumper

Finalists: Vipsie, Augmented Reality, Cosign, SimplyCalled


MyLumper won because they represented domain experts in an entirely fresh payment processing field - truck loading. It offered a disruptive solution with significant potential upside and minimal competition.

Cosign was a very close second which monetizes visual interest through online sales. While there is a potentially bigger market with greater viral growth potential there are also likely to be more technologically empowered competitors.

Augmented Reality this is a fascinating but unproven area that requires high capital infusion to test. If deliverable in an affordable package, could change ambiance design for interior spaces everywhere.

SimplyCalled great solution for call centers with disruptive potential for phone systems everywhere - with some fine tuning of offering.

This was a very tightly contested event with a high overall standard of pitches.

As a result, the finalists were very close and these are a list of special mentions.








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