Saturday, June 10, 2017

Who Won in DC: Konnex

Thanks to all of you who came out to the last Startupalooza.

We appreciate meeting Entrepreneurs like you and exploring these amazing opportunities.

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This app is makes it possible to remember people, your conversations and location and then add value to to your contact list.

Comment: While this is a unique addition to the LinkedIn economy, that has revenue, it could be knocked off by the big players. SO it all comes down to marketng and execution, which this team seems to have the passion for.

Patient is in 

Zaid Al-Timimi­ 202-503-9243 

Founded to reduce patient times for every person in the world, the Patient is in is a real time, HIPAA-compliant messaging app for Apple Watch and Siri  Endorsed by DC doctors  https://ThePatientIsI...­­

Comment: Promising real time patient managing system with some support from Apple. Valuation a little too rich, though.

Pet Connect 

Hector Ocasio 

We are a digital community that connects pet owners to pet-friendly people, products, and services.

Comment: A good mobile aggregation of services for pet lovers. Big market potential but competitive space and relies on sellingsmall pet dealers who can be hard to reach n numbers. Execution and momentum key.


A peer-to-peer household item lending site.

Comment: While the timing may be right for a household effects “shared economy” solution, this may want a more descriptive name and a few good items that everyone wants to share and not really own,in order to really take off.