Monday, January 30, 2017

Winners from Boston January 2017

Our January event introduced us to some exciting new companies – and a conflict.

We had two top contenders but because one of them was connected with some of the judges we had to hold back and declare Ooomf the winner. So Special runner-up title for GreenSight Agronomics.


Oomf Inc.

Gavin  Gray 617-797-0049  
Enabling the sharing economy – one thing at a time.                                                                        
Comment: While the sharing economy is raging - from the likes of bikesharing and ridesharing, this software integrations system enables the safe sharing of anything starting with battery packs at campuses. Company shows positive revenue.

GreenSight Agronomics
James Peverill CEO 339-237-1291
GreenSight is developing the second generation of commercial drone platform to help optimize water usage, pesticide, antifungal, and fertilizer treatments while maximize the performance of golf turf or crop.. We combine autonomy, advanced sensors, and data analytics to deliver land managers actionable alerts enabling them to make large reductions in water, pesticide, and fertilizer usage.   We are already the leader in turf remote sensing, saving golf courses over $1B annually by reducing their water consumption. Our system is also being adopted by top agricultural chemical companies to improve their data gathering during the $3B in field trials they perform to develop and certify new treatments.  
Comment: This revenue-producing company introduces a powerful new business angles for drones and agricultural management. Patent protection on the sensors.

The Dinner Daily, Inc  
Laurin  Mills     978-501-3567
The Dinner Daily is changing the way busy families get dinner done by offering a simple solution that actually lowers grocery bills.  Our unique "menus based on your local grocery store specials" is now offered in 48 states across 36 major grocery chains.
Comment: A very useful app that allows shoppers to automatically build menus and buy the groceries according to the weekly deals.
Maxim Reutov
We help merchants to optimize payment processing by providing a universal payment platform. We are Airbnb in payment processing – we connect payment providers worldwide to increase payment reliability, flexibility and to save on payment processing fees. We also connect tokenization providers, provide global wallet and offer simple 1 day integration.
Comment: This is a business plan that has grown significantly under the feedback from the Startupalooza investors.

Schwozny, Inc  
Joel Schwartz    617-719-5717
Schwozny provides services for data analytics and management for pharmaceutical companies outsourcing experimentation to multiple contract research organizations. Schwozny provides clients low cost access to powerful tools that will increase the information content to provide decision making data and ensure visibility with potential industrial partners. Schwozny will store, organize and analyze all your data.
Comment: While the name may not quite say it this is a potentially much-needed service for the rising biotech and healthcare development industry with a long, sticky customer revenue source.