Friday, September 25, 2009

Report from the Glitter in Twitter II iBreakfast

Phil Perlman, StockTwits
Stephen Gilberg, WineTwits
David Berkowitz, 360i
Ariel Hyatt, CyberPR

By revisiting Twitter we learned that smart marketers have used the microblog platform to develop a following and then build a platform on top of that. Giving people timely, essential information was the key to growing a loyal audience for StockTwits which enables investors to follow the picks of savvy traders. Now, according to Phil Perlman, their website has become a hub for independent investors, traders and other high-value Wall Street players.

Stephen Gilberg used Twitter to build a following for his WineTwits start-up, where wine-lovers could crow about their favorite wines in real time. That has grown into “Social Grapevine”, a wine drinkers’ social portal with useful filters and Twitter management tools that any social marketer might covet.

David Berkowitz talked about the ways his corporate clients have used Twitter and Social Media Sites to develop business. He even offers a free handbook called “The Social Media Playbook.”

Ariel Hyatt talked about the ways musicians, mostly independent, but also established artists, have learned to use Social Media to build a following. With Twitter, they have learned, the more personal, the better. After all, they not dealing with customers but fans. While some musicians “just want to play their instrument” many others have figured out the lessons of Godin’s “Tribes” and Anderson’s “1,000 True Fans.” With a following, and no record company to pay back, many musicians have learned how to flourish.