Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winners from the November Startupalooza

November was one of the biggest Startupalooza's of the year with over 40 presenting companies.

Streamed-In Presenters

Winner: SaveOn
Congratulations to the winner, SaveOn - the Kayak-like supermarket price and sales aggregator

They will be participating at the Private Equity Forum on January at the Yale Club - a $1500 value.

The first runners up were:
Patients Create The patient-centric crowdsourcing platform for healthcare development.
Dashbid - The software and service to help publishers increase video ad revenue yields.

Streamed-In Presenters

The Second Runners Up were:

Ledger - the prepaid corporate card company.

HandsFree -  Quikiks Hands-Free Shoes allow people with physical or cognitive challenges to step easily into and
fasten their shoes without hands.

Simbiot - Cloud-enabled platform for research and collaboration for science researchers to handle Next Generation
Sequencing and other genomic data.

KidKlass - "Open Table" for scheduling children's classes. 

Ca7h - Wearable connected camera that combines beauty, the power of smartphones and the internet. 

BeautyStat - The cosmetics deal site.

We will be releasing the composite Judges' rankings so entrepreneurs can see how the investor community ranks 

your startup.
While we run this as a contest, we understand this is often about comparing apples to oranges - nevertheless, it is 
an invaluable guide. 

For that reason there are many winners - each with their own funding possibilities.
Back In December 9 (Virtual)  & 16 (Live!)
We will be back on December 17th with a Year-end Startupalooza.
We will be doing a Virtual Startupalooza pitch event n Dec. 9 that you can sign up for here.

Anyone signing up for the virtual event goes to the live event free!


Alan Brody and the Startupalooza Team


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