Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Word of Mouth Marketing Report - Feb 2007

Feb 1: Word of Mouth Marketing
Word of Mouth Marketing has been the holy grail of marketers for generations. Sometimes they get it, mostly they don't. But with the Internet, a science has emerged that makes it possible to control and measure the process. With it, we can now learn the rules, best practices and case studies that have taken many companies from zero to billions in a stunningly short amount of time.

How this works and what you can do are the subject of this eye-opening iBreakfast.

Andy Sernovitz,Co-Founder & Author, Word of Mouth Marketing Association
Jon Berry, SVP & Author, Keller Fay


Andy Sernovitz, Co-Founder & Author, Word of Mouth Marketing, is a fourteen-year veteran of the interactive marketing business and author of Association
Jon Berry, SVP & Author, Keller Fay, is one of the nation’s leading experts on word of mouth and consumer trends and co-author of the seminal book, "The Influentials."


View the 6 minute highlight reel with Andy Sernovitz of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and Jon Berry of Keller Faye, to understand how companies are using WOM and Viral Marketing to build great businesses.

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