Friday, December 14, 2007

Advertising 2.0 iBreakfast Report: Follow The Customer

If there is one simple conclusion to this completely sold out iBreakfast, it is not whether online is more important than TV, or mobile; or whether Madison Ave. can handle the onslaught of the big tech guys - it is, as Ogilvy’s digital gurus are showing, about tagging the message to the customer wherever they go.

In this continuum of media it means that agencies have to think of how a message on TV ought to pop on a website and then on a cell phone (more of those to come, experts say) and at any other point along the viewer’s trail to purchase.

In this view, the onslaught of media digitization, as exemplified by Google’s buyouts and other appearances on Madison Ave. and the emerging media exchanges (the topic of next Wed. Dec. 19th iBreakfast), not only makes perfect sense but is a prerequisite of the next wave of the Ad Business. We think Madison Ave. will prosper on but not without a few palace coups. It is clear that the young blood is all digital while the old guard is still wary and has traditionally compartmentalized the digital services. Clearly that has to change and you can be sure that some agencies will and others won’t and there will be much upheaval. Think how Rumsfeld combined the three armed services and then think what that did for him and the country. Yet, the first part of it had to be done……

As for cellphone advertising. At first this seems like a horrible idea. Such a personal item infested with such knowing ads! But if you want the free searches, the special offers, the music, the TV shows and so on, you will be getting them on your cell phone soon and if the agencies are smart, it will be in away that serves the TV campaign. For this MoPhapp will be happy explain

This is just a hint of the actual conversation and amazing presentations at this iBreakfast – if you are hungry for more you can request these presentations by emailing us at

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