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Wikis & UFOs: The "Rodney King" Moment in "Star Land?"

Here I stick my neck way out and instead of focusing on Digital Media, I talk about what it has enabled.

UFO's, right? Has the power of the 'net made a difference to this great controversy?

You’d think by now that the prevalence of camcorder phones and other cheap image-capturing devices would generate a lot of videos. And with Youtube, they could be seen from anywhere in the world. No possible government or media intervention to worry about.

So, has there been a Rodney King moment? The kind where something we've been talking about for years is captured right there for everyone to see.....

Is that happening with UFO's.?

Perhaps. Not only that, but it may be happening every day.....

Top of that list is with this little picture:

This picture of a UFO over London was shown last month on the front Page of the London Sun.

This picture of a UFO over London was shown last month on the front Page of the London Sun.

On Youtube, UFO's are so plentiful and convincing that you would not have enough time to see them all in a week. Not only that, but many are shot in broad daylight or with digital camcorders that somehow pick up infrared or other parts of the light spectrum not otherwise visible to humans.

Here are a few that simply bowl me over:

The Live Turkish Broadcast

The Chinese Shakeout

Usually, it is the user reaction that sells it even though its the easiest part to fake. In any case, the highlights include great still images, video on live TV and credible-looking images over world cities. In January 2008, there were widespread reports of a mass sighting of a UFO Fleet in Stephensville TX.

Then, there are compelling documentaries with the testimony of credible people like Fife Symington, former Governor of Arizona, describing the famous mass Phoenix sighting in the 90's in a CNN special. Even video from NASA - which includes the famous "Tether Incident" displaying dozens and dozens of UFOs, are appearing, making it clear that something is going on out there.

Air Force video clips from all over the world are appearing on the 'Net. China is full of UFO Clubs and high levels of sighting are reported in Latin America.

Increasingly, these craft are being seen in formations. There just aren’t enough Photoshop hours in the day to make all of them fakes.

So the question is what’s going on?

As it happens, an old school friend who lives in Hong Kong contacted me a few months ago to answer that. The big word is Exo – as in Exo Politics and Exo Worlds and Exos of all kinds.

The short story is - there certainly are other intelligent life forms out there from other planets. Why, for heaven’s sake, wouldn’t there be? Thinking of mankind as unique has to be the highest form of self-flattery - of the delusional kind, that is.

But aside from that, these forms have technology that enables them to move at amazing speeds and at very high levels of maneuverability. They may pop in and out of other dimensions or wormholes and they can be huge - the size of several city blocks. Some are as big as a whole neighborhood.

They are usually saucer-like and some have a recognizable cut-out making them look like Pacman. But they also come in chevrons and oblong shapes.

Naturally, there have been encounters and experts have patched together a storyline from the collected reports.

Since the first major sighting in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 seems to have occurred within a few years of the first nuclear weapon, people think they are connected. The gap in time gives us an idea of how far they traveled though we think their tech may have improved so more can get here quicker. It may also be that the escalating nuclear threat could be an issue.

If they are truly here, they come at a very good time because they know how to use free vacuum energy from the universe. So there could be economic interests at play. Also, their technology is more advanced, so the military is deeply interested. They are generally more highly evolved beings using, more of their brains, and they can access telepathy. They don't seem to suggest war although they do abduct us - but only if we are willing to go through with it.

They come in what has been identified as over 50 races. Some look like us - others really don't. And there may well be a federation. Since their craft do crash and leave bodies, we have reports that their anti-immune system doesn't work well here.

So what are we to do? There really may be Star People and aliens and a Star Land - if the evidence really stacks up.

So we need to get a heads up on the other side. The government does have knowledge of them. Why wouldn't they - since they are responsible for dealing with any invasion to the land. There are reports they not only classified the races but actually kept a little colony of "Tall Whites" as they are known, in Nevada caves. These beings are a paler version of us, are intelligent, have higher consciousness and so on. However, if the Nevada story is true, then they may have been left behind in the home furnishings department.

Then there is the question: so why are they here and what should we be doing?

My friend Neil Gould, has plenty to say about this in an English language news interview.
He claims to have seen them since he was a boy. I have known him since then and can only say that even if true, he never mentioned it to me!

In any case, this calls for a conference…….Exo-Con.....coming soon!

And here's the best part about this conference we are planning - skeptics and believers pay different prices.

My question to you, dear reader, is: who should pay more, the skeptic or the believer? Who should subsidize who?

We welcome your comments. Or just the vote: skeptic or believer? Who pays more?

(C) 2008 Alan Brody

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