Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Can Politicians Help Entrepreneurs? My article in Gannett

Here is an article I published in the Gannett papers. It is a formula - a policy proposal that changes the way Start-Ups grow in this economy.  Based on current trends, the next election seems to be focusing on job-creation so this could become a really big topic!

"County Executive Rob Astorino did a great outreach to the voters of Westchester with his recent phone conference "town hall" meeting, yet he stumbled when he took questions about developing new business in Westchester. The best he could say was: "We need Pepsi . . . and 900 jobs."

He is not alone. As the head of a national start-up forum called the iBreakfast, which has helped thousands of start-ups meet investors, I can say with some authority that most politicians — in fact, most corporate executives — have no idea how to create new businesses. Corporations may know how to grow the businesses they already have; they certainly know how to negotiate better tax deals for locating their headquarters. But when it comes to creating new business, they usually buy someone else's start-up.

Yet start-ups are where the new jobs really come from. At the New Jersey Institute of Technology, which has more than 90 start-ups, each one generates an average of seven full-time jobs and four student jobs according to the director, Jerry Creighton. In this new economy, where factories tend to be in China, logistics are king and everyone is online, we have to think way beyond fostering the growth of sweetened-liquid companies. The question is how?

What we need is a new business ecosystem
Read the rest by clicking here:   Brody on Innovation and Politicians in Gannett

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