Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Report from Healthcare Kickstarter

iBreakfast at Fordham Lincoln Center 
  Report from 
Mobs, Machines, Matchers & Moolah!

Medical/Health Start-Ups, Incubators & Crowdfunding  

Over 200 people swamped the President's Lounge at Fordham as the collaboration between iBreakfast and Health 2.0 discussed the tectonic shift in healthcare entrepreneurship. The City and State are planning to make NYC the hub of medical innovation.

Dave Whitlinger of the NYeC announced a multimillion dollar fund that is taking applications for $300,000 stakes in healthcare start-ups. What makes this so compelling is not just the money but also access to stakeholders and a list of their actual needs. Now you can tailor your idea to a known market.

By bringing the healthcare industry along with the payers to the table dramatically the outlook of the healthcare startups is dramatically changed.

In a room brimming with a new generation of Start-Ups the issues are now capital, understanding investor fundability, collaboration with tech people, the challenges of developing a product, selling it and then running a business.

Video and in-depth report to come.

David Whitlinger, Executive Director, NYeC Health  
Brad Weinberg, Blueprint Health
Tom Olenzak, Robin Hood Ventures
Ben Chodor, Happtique
Steven Krein, Co-founder/CEO, StartUp Health
Alex Fair, Medstartr NYeC 
Milena Adamian, Director, Life Science Angel Network 
Todd Pietri, Milestone Venture Partners
Pete Ellis, Founder, Welltech Funding,
Jean Luc Neptune, Health 2.0
Mike Monson, VNSNY  

Accelerators / Grants: David Whitlinger, Executive Director, NYeC Health Collaborative. NYeC just announced a Multi-Million Dollar Grant program called the Digital Health Accelerator which offering up to $300,000 per selected applicant. Previously, Dave was a Director at Intel where he was responsible for Intel's healthcare device interoperability strategies and the
standards development to support those strategies. He has also led a large, cross-industry consortium, the Continua Health Alliance, focused on the establishment of an ecosystem of interoperable, personal telehealth systems.

Incubators: Steven Krein, Co-founder/CEO, StartUp Health, an Academy to inspire, educate, and provide resources for entrepreneurs to build sustainable health and wellness companies. Steven is on a mission to accelerate technology innovations in health and wellness to help lower costs and improve the quality of health care in our country.   

Incubators: Brad Weinberg, Co-Founder Blueprint HealthHealthcare Incubator and ShapeUp, a Social Wellness startup that is making patients healthier everyday. BluePrint just finished it's first class which raised over 4 Million Dollars! Their event was awesome and showed us just how much energy Health Innovation can drive. Brad (and his co-founder Mat Farkash) is definitely on our list of HealthTech Rockstars of 2012.   

Incubators: Pete Ellis, Founder, Welltech Funding, which invests in promising companies that are using technology to provide effective health and wellness solutions. Under.his leadership, SpaFinder has been transformed to
the world's largest spa and wellness marketing, media and gifting He is also chairman of The Board of the Global Spa & Wellness Summit, the premiere advocacy group.  

Investor Funding: Tom Olenzak, Partner and Director atRobin Hood Ventures Tom has twenty years of investment banking, venture capital, financial, and senior management experience in health care, life sciences, environmental and information technology sectors. He is a venture partner focusing on health care investments with Safeguard Scientifics, a Philadelphia-based venture capital firm. He works with high growth companies as a financial advisor, and is acting CFO with LifeCare Gateway, a firm providing a healthcare financial planning platform to financial advisors. He was a VP for FCG focused on technology for the pharmaceutical industry.
Investor Funding: Milena Adamian, MD, Ph.D. Dir.,Life Science Angel Network New York Academy of Sciences Dr. Adamian is a cardiologist who went through extensive training at the world's best centers for Interventional Cardiology, including Centro Cuore Columbus in Milan, Italy with Dr. Antonio Colombo, and Lenox Hill Hospital/Cardiovascular Research Foundation in New York City. Dr. Adamian is an author of a number of peer-reviewed publications, and has served as a faculty member at major professional society meetings.

Challenges: Jean-Luc ("JL") Neptune, MD MBA Sr. Vice President, Health 2.0 JL was most recently co-founder of ExpertConsensus,a specialized health advisory company offering patients access to second opinions from medical experts. JL was also co-founder of Healogica a technology company based in NYC that connected patients and clinical trial opportunities through web-enabled clinical trials matching platform. Healogica's platform was acquired by the Michael J. Fox Foundation May 2010 and to improve recruitment for Parkinson's Disease clinical trials.
Moderator: Ben Chodor is the CEO of Happtique, a mobile health application store and app management solution that helps healthcare providers, physicians, and patients easily integrate mHealth into treatment. He hosts mHealth Zone, a weekly radio show that offers the latest on mHealth apps and technology, and is a mentor for Blueprint Health, a startup accelerator based in NYC. Ben is a pioneer in online communications, having spent his 25-year career merging the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and technology fields. Prior to Happtique, he served as Senior Vice President of Global Streaming & Virtual Events at InterCall. He also founded Stream57 in 2004 and sold the company to InterCall in January 2010.

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Unknown said...

For the August 14th Startup event in NYC, how long should the pitch to the VC be? It says that every start-up can pitch. Is that correct?

Unknown said...

For the August 14th Startup event in NYC, how long should the pitch to the VC be? It says that every start-up can pitch. Is that correct?