Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec. Pitching Event Results: Petticoats to Pharmaceuticals

December brought in a new crop of amazing Startups.

The judges were impressed with the high quality of pitches - and also the unusual variety.

As a result, we had a very tightly contested finish with 4 finalists in the shoot-out. 

So.i.Heard Music  Music Education for the 21st Century   
MB Group The largest global supplier of rare African fruits that temporarily alters taste buds for chemotherapy patients and a zero-calorie sugar substitute
HealthMed Corp    Patent protected combination of cholesterol medication for a large long-term user base


Jewel Toned  Unique meant-to-be-seen shape wear and eCommerce site

Rachael McRary, Jewel Toned Founder earns an appearance at the next Private Equity Forum at the Yale Club. 

We hope you will be joining us again. Our next event will be in January when we will present the best of Startupalooza presentations.

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