Friday, March 18, 2016

The Winning March Pitches

The Winner was:
Power 20

Arshad Chowdhury
Power20 is an exercise app for pregnant women that has over 1 million downloads.

The Finalists were:
Kejia Tang CEO 413-884-4654 is a plug in social layer for mobile apps. We utilize real time messaging and activity feeds to drive user engagement and stickiness inside of apps.

Pulse 24/7 Mobile Ap
Andy Jacques CEO 6172764523
PULSE 24/7 is a mobile app and web based platform that disrupts the way freelancers and small businesses automate their marketing efforts !

SharkStopper, Inc.

Brian Wynne CEO 6318307934
The World's First and Only Acoustic Shark Repellent. Our first product, the Personal Shark Repellent is applicable to anyone engaging in a water activity. The second product to be released is the Watercraft Shark Repellent. This product will protect people engaging in water activities around a boat. The top two products will launch in 2016. The third product that will be launched in 2017 is for the commercial fishing industry. The commercial fishing industry loses more than 30% of their catch due to shark attacks. This product will significantly reduce those billions in loses annually.

John Ortega + Kamron Hinatsu CEO of Vidpal 3477669318
VidPal allows the average person with a mobile phone or video camera to view and film different destinations. In Vidpal's real-time global video marketplace, individuals can find or request the video they only ever imagined.

Special Mention
MedifVU, LLC

Eileen Morrissey CEO 973-570-4784
Our Digital Health App is personalized google for selecting medicines for a consumer choosing Over the Counter or with a doctor choosing Rx. It's a predictor of buying behavior for product advertisers and manufacturers.

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