Monday, May 9, 2016

How Startupalooza Helps Entrepreneurs Raise Millions

In the past year, Startupalooza has helped several companies (HigherMe, Nomi, SeedCX, EventCombo etc.) collectively raise well over $1 Million.

How? One is that we give more Entrepreneurs more access to more investors than any other event - for arguably the lowest possible fee.

Another, even more important reason - is that we monitor the feedback from Investors. We can tell you what they really think and more importantly, what to fix so that you can become Fundable.
A great example is Nomi Beauty (formerly Gloss & Glam) which offered a virtual hairdresser service that spared hotels the expense of setting up and maintaining an in-house hair salon.

What we quickly found was that Investors weren't that interested in helping out hotels. What excited them was that women execs would be highly interested in hair services in the convenience of their rooms which they could also put on their hotel bill making it easy to expense.

That brings up the 3rd reason: the Investor was from out of town. The beauty of the multi-city Startupalooza model is that we have networks of Investors throughout the northeast corridor. The Investor in Nomi was not from New York but in our network from the MidAtlantic region.

So we not only work locally, but we circulate deals throughout the Boston-NewYork-Philadelphia-DC corridor, where everyone dramatically increases their chances of finding the right Investor - and Investors, the right deal.


Startupalooza returns to Philadelphia at Benjamin's Desk Wednesday, May 11, 6 - 9 pm. [Register]

Opening in DC Thursday, May 12th with Fundable Workshop followed by open pitching. [Register]

Startupalooza New York at Microsoft Fifth Ave., May 23, 6 - 9 pm. [Register]

Opening in Stamford, CT at Shippan Landing waterfront, May 24, 4 - 9 pm. [Register]

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