Friday, May 12, 2017

Q1: Stamford Winners

Fjord Weather     
Drew   Lambert            203-249-6310
Waze for Marine Weather. 
Comment: A rare new company that has discovered a vast new market – accurate local boating weather. But execution before big players get interested is the key question given the new device requirements.

Shem Lachhman           516-728-2911 
Comment: A patented solution for continuous measuring of blood pressure in hospitals. Needs buy-in from institutions.

Comment: A scrappy start with a low cost SEO product “for the rest of us.” Still early in development..

Aquinas Training 
Hugh Seaton        203-524-9539
Aquinas Training Makes Mobile & VR Software for Management Training. We solve the key failing of all training programs - retention. By sending mobile notifications, and tying these to compelling experiences, including our AquinasVR mobile virtual reality experience, companies can ensure employees retain and apply their training. 
Comment: While “Ed-Tech” has a narrow band of potential investors this improved pitch won some fans.

Michelle Carter             9143159557
NewsFundr is platform for independent journalists which removes the influence of advertisers, editors and power brokers on the news. 
Comment: By dropping some big media names this pitch got some attention but needs to address the really big question – can it help big media companies make the news business profitable again?
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