Friday, October 6, 2017

10 Steps to Getting Funded - from the book: Are You Fundable?

From The Book: Are You Fundable?
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To give you an idea of what you need to get in front of investors consider the 10 Steps to Funding:

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1. Know yourself
– Understand your product or idea and why you should be the one to make it work
2. Know your sector
– Understand the market and how investors see it
3. Know your Investor
– Know what have they invested in before and why
4. Know your Opener and Closer
– Find out which key words get Investors' attention. Find out how to close them

5. Know your gameplan
What's your customer acquisition plan, its cost and the sales strategy?

6. Know your plan B (and C)
– Or, How to turn a No into a Yes. Very few Investors believe that the company will proceed exactly as you say. It might even fail. So what alternative pans and do you have it ready to go.

7. Know your numbers
– Know your costs, your margins, your burn rate or overhead. Most of all - look like you will be a good steward of someone else’s money!

8. Know your tech
– You’ve got to be conversant with your technology and sound like you know how to pass it on if your developer leaves in a huff. 

9. Know your team
– Show who's on board and why - but not too much background! 

10. Know Your Exit
– Who’s going to buy you. Why, how much and tell us about genuinely comparable deals.

From: Are You Fundable?
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