Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Start-Up Nation for….Grown Ups

In a world brimming with Start-Ups we will continue what pioneered in the 90’s – connecting start-ups with sources of capital. We also provide a forum to help them shape their plans and find alternatives when they cannot get funding (the other 90%+ of you....).



In that light, it is worth noting that I recently took a trip to what has become known as Start-Up Nation – Israel. I once spent time there in the early 80’s when it was more like Hand-Out Nation because, other than oranges, they were largely living off donations. The difference today is instructive. Now that the Middle East is on fire – there might be some lessons here.

Contrary to popular thinking, Israel is a lot more than a protectorate of the United States. It is its own power center that has become quite interesting to China. Read my thoughts in “The Great Wall of Israel.”

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