Friday, March 30, 2012

Are You Fundable?

A short outline of our upcoming book. Feel free to share your thoughts.

How to Measure and Improve Your Capital Quotient
The Entrepreneur’s PowerPitch Workshop Guide

by Alan Brody

What Makes Your Start-Up Different

Not all Start-Ups are the same. OK, you already knew that. But do you know what sets you apart in the minds of investors? Do you know how to turn that information to your advantage? 

Here are the key principles behind the PowerPitch Panel and our Start-Up events.

The objective is not necessarily to make you the best pitch on earth - it is to help you understand what it takes to be credible in the class of Start-up you are and then match you with the right source of funding.
Getting Into the Minds of Investors

The Start-Up Hierarchy: What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

The Hierarchy of Entrepreneurs

What is a Serial Entrepreneur? 
The Pedigreed Start-Up vs. Not-So Pedigreed (and how to fix that....)
Moonshots, Up-and-Comers and Career-Enders
How to look like a Serial Entrepreneur
The Older Player vs. The Youngest Player
         How Investors Rank Your Plan

How Deals & Ideas are Perceived
What kinds of deals investors are looking for? 

Idea-Driven Start-Ups vs. Sales-Driven vs. Customer-Driven Start-Ups
How to rank an Idea
How to rank an Investor
What Impresses Investors

What Terrifies Investors


The Power of the Pitch
How to Pace your Pitch

The Secret to Pitching is the “3rd Dimension” – the information between the lines 
Saying the Right Things – Avoiding the Wrong Things
Passion - what that really means
Burned by Angel – Why Inspiration only gets you so far…and could hurt you.

Who are Angel Investors?

The Basic Types of Angel Investors

Angel VCs
Angel Groups
Private Angels
Friends and Family

Additional Chapters of the Book
The Fundability Test
Term Sheets
Corporate Structures
Alternate Funding

Additional Notes:

1. The Investors Private Vocabulary: Eskimos have 57 words to describe snow and the Bedouin have 100 for a camel. What terms do Investors have for entrepreneurs and why that matters?
2. Understand what investors are looking for - before you pitch.
3. The Secret to Pitching: the “3rd Dimension”
4. The Jockey vs. the horse – the key to your future.
5. How to survive the drought.
6. Plan B: Do you Pivot or Deconstruct?

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